Thursday, February 18, 2010

Paul Kagame's Rwanda Dictatorship : Frank Talk on Kagame's Rwanda by one of his former soldier (14.02.2010)

I am Tutsi myself. I fought the war and did a lot to stop the genocide. I agree that the 1994 genocide was planed by selfish politicians in the region as well as some politicians in Europe. If you asked me to tell you why I fell out with Kagame, my simple answer is that I thought Kagame was going to usher in fundamental change. This did not happen.

I wanted him to democratize Rwanda. I wanted him to reduce the powers of the president, I wanted him to go beyond ethnic divisions, I wanted him to unite Rwandans. This he failed. First, it became a principle that any Tutsi army officer who got involved with or married a Hutu lady was either killed or the relationship was frustrated. This was done with Kagame's approval.

What is interesting is that the game Kagame is playing against the Hutu and Twa is the very game the Hutu will play against the Tutsi when they also reorganize and come to power. You wait, it wont take too long!

It is true there are no identity cards indicating who is Tutsi, Hutu or Twa. But frankly speaking, is there any sober person who has ever lived in Rwanda under Kagame that would say there is no discrimination? True, discrimination in Rwanda is now done secretly unlike before the Genocide. For example, let us mention the two camps that are the masters of appointments in Rwanda namely the James Musoni and the Dr. Ndahiro camps. Who can qualify through either of these camps for appointment if he/she is not Tutsi? No doubt there are some Hutus in "strategic" places. But let us be open, do such people like the Prime Minister, the Speaker of Parliament, the Minister of defense, etc, all of whom are Hutu, make any crucial decision? It is even clear from their facial expression that they are insecure. Some Tutsi young boys are real the controllers of these seemingly strong men. Friends ... let us be frank. Kagame regime must change or else, when the Hutu finally take power, the Tutsi should be prepared to be treated the same way.

There is a problem in Kigali under Kagame, every thing that comes up, they will immediately go to their defensive. Every body who tries to say something contrary to the "correct line" is immediately referred to as a killer!

By the way, do you know how many people we as RPA killed in Byumba and in many other places? Why isn't this also talked about openly? Do you know how many Hutu that were killed by RPA?! Do you know how many Tutsi have been killed by Kagame? Dont just blindly defend Kagame, he is a killer!! This he knows himself. He even ever asked us in some senior officers' meeting "what will happen when the world comes to know everything we did?" Do you think France and Spain are stupid? Those guys are right. The only mistake they did is that their list of wanted RPA officers is short. Also, the list does not include Tutsi civilians who killed. Otherwise Kagame is a killer!
(The writer is referring to international arrest warrants issued by a Spanish judge. See "Spanish judge issues arrest warrant for 40 Rwandan army officers and men" of 13 Feb 2008 on our front page - Editor)

The common belief that Kagame does not stomach corruption .. wait a moment! All the names of people like Kalegeya and others, whom Kagame allegedly "dealt with" for corruption are simply sacrifices. It is because they disagreed with the guy ( Kagame) on the way forwards for the administration of the state. The real corrupt people who accept to do business for Kagame are never bothered! Consider James Musoni, Dr. Ndahiro, Nziza, among others. The good thing with Kagame, and as some writer refered to him as being good at creating a positive image of himself in public is that when one opposes him, he will get rid of that person under pretext of "fighting corruption". What about Kagame's wife? Do you know how corrupt she is? What about the Charles Kayongas, James, etc.. these are extremely corrupt guys.

Just pray that there is a change in Kagame's approach or let us us pray for a bloodless regime change in Kigali.

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