Friday, September 18, 2009

Camouflage democracy in Rwanda

by Oliver

Dictatorship is dangerous when it considers itself as if it is in the democratization process. Such unpredictable nature confuses others who know democracy and good governance. It is very difficult to advise such a system because the real sickness has been hidden. In a rule of camouflage democracy there is always slow killings of citizen, torture and imprisonment. Currently open dictatorship changed its strategy to camouflage democracy i.e. the worst face of dictatorship. Among many countries in the world like Rwanda, Sudan, Eritrea, Zimbabwe can be considered as the best examples which are practicing camouflage democracy. The systemic approach of violating human rights and the way it controls the basic human necessities clearly depicts the new nature of false democracy. In the case of a country like Rwanda camouflage democratic system it is very difficult to anticipate the degree of violence and ethnic segregation because processes like conducting elections, having parliaments etc are varnished by political talks and discourse which disguise the truth on the ground.
after genocide in 1994 Rwanda advanced from open military dictatorship to camouflage democracy. In this system of democracy the minorities are dominating the majority ethnics. It uses the true democratic system structures and principles for the sustainability of the dictator rule in power. The very centralized ruling power is in the hands of one person. This person has already arranged mechanisms by which he can select trustful servants to implement the verbal instructions given from top down. In the process of implementing the direct procedures there will be zero tolerance for anybody or anything. A person who questions the practicality of the command above will face a very serious persecution. Normally what is happening in the current Rwanda ruling system is that if a person or group or society consider as a resistance to the camouflage democracy the consequence is horrifying. From the past experience of the country individuals had been dismissed from their professional job,fake allegations to the gacaca courts threaten to continue supporting the ruling regime so that they would remain in their work, kidnapped, put in jail, tortured and even killed.

After abusing an individual’s and group’s rights and even killings the ruling system fabricated false stories to confuse everybody and transmitted them using the solely dominated media of the country and international , When human right groups and countries concerned about torture requested explanations from the ruling system, the common answer that had been given was to prevalence the rule of law and the Genocide ideology, which many rwandan consider as nuclear weapon Nevertheless by the name of law man and women had been tortured and massacred, professionals were killed and jailed, intellectuals enforced to flee their country, majority was alienated. The writer of this article witness what had happened in 1997 to 2001 in North region of Rwanda, where innocent people were massacred by the government troops because the ethnicity and their opinion and many was wounded and killed. Today the sophisticated strategic techniques of tortures and human right violation have applied within the country. In the bureaucratic system of the country professionalism is the last criteria to be considered and because of this many educated people are unemployed because their background,region,opinion,ethnicity.Those who get the opportunity to be hired in the government bureaucracy are not allowed to the already limited ruling system political party ideology and motif. In order to control the activities of these professionals trustful ruling party members who do not have the capacity of doing the work will follow up each and every activity and then report to the centralized leadership. The main task of the assigned person is to listen what that professional person comments about the ruling system, what kind of opinion does the professional has towards the ruling party opponents, this perspective about the longstanding leadership of the country etc.

In this regard information about each and every professional will be gathered by these assigned ruling system’s persons. Unless in very exceptional cases such persons are mostly from Tutsi ethnics or persons who have especial attachments and affiliations (marriage, family, support to the RPF etc) to RPF leaderships. With regard to the professionals before they get hired detail personal information will be gathered by those assigned trustful ruling system persons. Actually if the background check has been done from the professional angle it is possible to say there is no problem. Nevertheless any person’s background check starts from ethnicity. In this case the worst face of ethnic politics within the camouflage democratic system revels. Here we can mention the employment process of one of the biggest bureaucratic complexion of the Ministry of land environment and forest.

However it is very difficult to say the Ministry of finance including Rwanda revenue authority, since at least the building has significant importance to the people of Rwanda and also it is their property, in this article it is better to call it the Rwanda revenue authority of RPF. This Ministry has been leading by the Basajya(people from Uganda) and the chairperson is Marry baine the wife of top Kagame is secret service This person has been organizing his own people by the assistance of the already assigned persons. Since 1998 Marry baine was the chairperson of rwanda revenue authority and all of the level in that ministry there is people from Uganda

In the existence of well versed diplomats and knowledgeable persons for diplomacy Marry baine has been monopolizing everything with the under capacity and feudalistic thoughts. Within the The Ministry of foreign affairs the minister preaches about camouflage democracy, RPF propaganda imposes rules and regulations of domination. Nobody questions but rather echoes what he said. If one heard of by the assigned persons questioning that person’s fate will be dismissal or demotion. In 2006 several career ambassadors, diplomats and professionals and semi-professionals had been dismissed and demoted. At that time Murigande had received instruction from the Kagame office to screen out the potential threats of the ruling system especially those who were suspected of having affilation to the opposition parties in Exile . During that very time professional staffs of the ministry had been interrogated about party loyalty which they did not belong. Those professionals whom assumed themselves as experts were confused by the ongoing screening on the bases of the ruling party loyalty. Many lost their job and many others were demoted because one way or another they were heard by the assigned persons criticizing the ruling party. These professionals were not understood the true nature of the camouflage democracy which have been running Rwanda. There were dismissed because what was expected of them was to articulate the camouflage democratic system which the ruling system of the country follows.

The basic principle of camouflage democracy in Rwanda is “if you do not belong to us you are a potential threat and enemy on the nation ”. The guideline principle is implementing by poor countries like Rwanda, Sudan, Uganda, Zimbabwe and other poor countries of the world. Dictator leaders of countries under the camouflage democracy are trying to widen their scope as the former communist countries had been trying. Leaders of camouflage democracy consult in a closed door on the mechanism by which they can contain any political opposition possibly emanate. For example Rwanda and Congo leaders established coalition called “Umoja wetu in February 2009 ” to hunt down FDLR fighters .to resist external resistances for their power control.In congo there is so many Rwanda innocent civilian refugees who survived Kagame is Genocide in congo from 1996 to 2002 and the international community remain silent in all th is crimes,and crime against humanity ,no body ever said about RPF is crime the have all the evidence for RPF 's war crimes and crimes against humanity.

The leaders of the ruling system of Rwanda have been in power since 1994, and their know the theories of true democracy but when coming to implementing it they use the hidden principles of camouflage democracy. so we are tired of camouflage democracy,we have lost our families on both side(hutu,tutsi)The Rwanda conflict is political in essence. Political solutions must be found;,we need to promote moral values with strict respect of life and human dignity, honesty, truth,freedom, individual emancipation, equality, justice, respect, brotherhood, confidence, and interdependence among the Rwandan people and to work on national reconciliation and reconstruction of social and economic development of the our beloved motherland Rwanda.

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